Basil Rolandsen: Résumé

updated: 18 February 2018

General Summary

  • Master of General Business (MGB, Civil Economist / “Siviløkonom”) from Norwegian Business School BI (1987), specialising in Information and Data Systems
  • independent adviser on organisational development, project management, information and documentary photo/video, focusing on the developing world
  • adviser and country representative for humanitarian aid agency, financial manager and adviser for utility company
  • extensive travel experience, frequently in the developing world, including driving; lived since 1999 in developing countries, through civil unrest and reconstruction
  • computer knowledge includes use of Mac and Windows PCs, and a broad range of software, including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, InDesign), Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Final Cut Studio/Pro, Apple Logic Pro, Apple Aperture, FileMaker Pro, MYOB AccountEdge
  • mother tongue Norwegian; good oral and written English; daily spoken and some written Indonesian; some German; basic Spanish
  • Norwegian citizen (born 1960), married to Indonesian citizen, three children, permanent Indonesian residence permit (ITAP)

Bouvet Foundation (Yayasan Bouvet) (inc Bouvet Media)

Social action advisory and communication (NGO registered in Indonesia).
Special Adviser & Creative: 2006–(on-going)

  • management advisory and training including programme & project management, team leadership, monitoring & evaluation, capacity building, education/training, proposal writing, grant management, compliance monitoring, report writing, donor reporting
  • production (incl documentary photo/video) of information materials for print and electronic distribution (registered publisher in Norway) 
  • development and maintenance of web-sites

Bouvet Assistance

Advisory and photography (sole proprietorship, part time until end of 2003).
Adviser & Photographer: 1986–2005

  • assisting Ministry of Health in East Timor strengthening newly established TB Central Management Unit (incl planning and review) and transferring management of National TB Control Programme from NGO to this unit
  • assisting East Timorese NGO strengthening project management of National TB Control Programme (on behalf of Ministry of Health), as well as with external information
  • stock and assignment photography
  • assisted the editors with lay-out, pre-print, and production coordination of two magazines
  • programmed spreadsheet based investment analysis tool for shipping company
  • assisted small businesses with advisory and accounting
  • assisted a contemporary ballet company, strengthening and managing their administration

Caritas Norway

Humanitarian aid agency (Catholic Social Action) based in Norway, supporting emergency and development aid worldwide through local partners.
Adviser to East Timor Programme (part time, based in Dili, East Timor): 2003
Country Representative to East Timor (based in Dili, East Timor): 1999–2002
Programme Coordinator, Desk Officer for Asia: 1996–1998
Information Officer: 1995

  • assisted local partner in starting and operating national tuberculosis control programme
  • assisted local partner in starting and operating major scholarship programme
  • contributed to organisational strengthening for local partners through planning and implementation of capacity building, management advisory, and coaching/mentoring
  • improving coordination by participation in various national and regional bodies, as well as through contact with donors and government structures
  • contributed to starting and/or managing emergency aid or development projects in third world countries, as well as organisational strengthening of local partner organisations; visiting projects in Angola, Bosnia, Croatia, East Timor, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Rwanda
  • improved external information through journalistic, photographic, editorial, lay-out, desktop publishing and production coordination work

Oslo Energi

Utility company based in Norway, generating (mainly hydropower based), distributing and selling electricity, as well as related services.
Finance Manager: 1993–1994
Adviser, Corporate Staff Unit Finance (including Team Leader, PC Coordinator): 1987–1993

  • contributed to improved financial result through coordinating cash flow management and corporate issuing of bonds and other borrowings
  • managing a bond portfolio (ca USD 50 million) performing above market average
  • strengthened corporate financial management through programming a comprehensive, spreadsheet based, long range corporate budgeting tool, as well as through financial analysis
  • improved external and internal information through editorial work on annual reports
  • active deputy board member of portfolio management company (1994)
  • increased utilisation of new corporate financial management system through leading team producing information, documentation, training and user support
  • facilitated increased use of personal computers in the department by introducing a PC network for Mac and Windows computers, as well as providing user support and network supervision; also evaluating and purchasing hard- and software, and conducting trainings in use of computers and popular software like Word and Excel