Basil Rolandsen: Profile / CV

Curriculum Vitae inspired, development focused comprehensive outline of qualifications and experience.

Norwegian citizen (born 1960), married to Indonesian citizen, three children, permanent Indonesian residence permit (ITAP).

Areas of Expertise

  • programme & project management, team leadership, grant management
  • communication, information
  • monitoring & evaluation, compliance monitoring
  • capacity building, education/training
  • proposal writing, report writing, donor reporting
  • design & production of information materials for web or print
  • documentary & commercial photography & videography

Key Qualifications

  • Master of General Business (MGB, Civil Economist / “Siviløkonom”)
  • independent adviser on organisational development, project management, communication & information
  • adviser and country representative for humanitarian aid agency
  • financial manager and adviser for utility company, financial analyst
  • maker of documentary photo/video
  • designer and maker of printed and electronic information, included web sites and blogs; registered publisher


National Tuberculosis Control Programme (East Timor)

Humanitarian aid agency Caritas Norway identified in 1996 tuberculosis as a major health problem in East Timor, then an Indonesian province. A development programme supported and funded by Norway was started together with local Catholic church through NGO Caritas Dili (Diocese of Dili), strengthening TB control and general health care in the Catholic clinic network, then about 35% of health clinics in East Timor. Support came as infrastructure strengthening, training, TB drugs, and monitoring of compliance with International standards. Late 1999 it was adopted as National TB Control Programme, supported by Norway but additional financing from Global Fund for Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF–ATM) was introduced. Caritas Dili still managed until transfer to the Ministry for Health in 2005, but now implemented in all health clinics.

capacity building | M&E | compliance monitoring ~ 1996–2005

  • assisting East Timorese NGO Caritas Dili establishing Catholic TB Control Programme
  • assisting Caritas Dili converting Catholic TB Control Programme into a national programme on behalf of Ministry for Health
  • strengthening management of Caritas Dili managed TB programme; including training, capacity building, grant management, donor reporting, coaching/mentoring
  • as National TB Consultant (position supported by GF–ATM) in 2005 assisting Ministry for Health in East Timor (Timor-Leste) strengthening their newly established TB Central Management Unit and transferring management of National TB Control Programme from NGO to this unit; improved donor reporting and monitoring & evaluation for programme

HydroTimor (East Timor)

Project organisation established through a cooperation between the governments of Norway and East Timor to strengthen the energy sector. The programme delivered a master plan for hydroelectric development, constructed a mini hydroelectric power plant in Gariuai, planned one in Atsabe, and planned a larger plant in Iralalaru with tender prepared. Funding and technical support from Norway.

communication ~ 2007–10

  • documentary photography, video and printed information about Gariuai MHPP designed and produced
  • documentary photography, video and printed information about Iralalaru HPP designed and produced
  • project web site with blog designed, published and maintained

NorCross in Aceh (Indonesia)

The Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross) was among the IFRC organisations instrumental in the humanitarian development response in Aceh after a devastating tsunami hit late 2004. Activities included provision of clean water through developing water and sanitation systems, helping communities create livelihoods, capacity building for local organisations and communities, and more. Five years after the tsunami, they handed over completed infrastructure.

communication ~ 2009

  • documentary photography on 2009 status of aid activities in the Banda Aceh area and on Simeulue Island (three visits)
  • judged internal photo competition

Bairo Pite Clinic (East Timor)

Established by Dr Dan Murphy after the civil disturbance in 1999, the BPC quickly became the most visited health clinic in East Timor (Timor-Leste). Services include maternity and infant care (with delivery and vaccinations); diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB), malaria, dengue fever and HIV; in-patient services, dental services, health outreach (mobile clinics), and training for local health care workers. They operate a medical laboratory, pharmacy, and more. BPC is transitioning from a crises-oriented to a more sustainable and long-term oriented clinic, training and following up village health workers and community midwives, as well as through mobile clinics to project areas, and functioning within the national health care system.

communication | capacity building ~ 2010–12

  • designing, producing and maintaining a new web site with blog (later replaced), social media presence, documentary photo and video, and podcasts
  • providing advice regarding management, project development, proposal writing, donor reporting

ProAir WatSan (Indonesia)

Indonesian and German governments agreed in 2003 on ProAir, a water and sanitation project in the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province. Until hand-over in 2011, they worked for and with 70 thousand beneficiaries in six NTT districts, to enable communities to manage and maintain water supply and sanitation systems sustainably. Assistance throughout the planning, implementation and post construction stages fostered a sense of ownership. ProAir water supply systems are managed, operated and maintained by the communities.

communication ~ 2011

  • documentary photography of implementation in Sumba
  • design, lay-out and pre-press for the project handbook (printed and PDF)

Sumba Iconic Island (Indonesia)

The “Sumba Iconic Island” programme is an initiative of the Dutch humanitarian development organisation Hivos, and is implemented together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The aim is to achieve 100% renewable energy and 95% electrification rate by 2025. Approaches include: Animal dung (manure) collected in a biogas incubator, where it’s fermented, and the resulting methane gas is used for cooking and lights, while the remaining slurry is then used to fertilise soil for growing produce. Water collected from smaller streams generates electricity for the local community using a small turbine. Solar panels generate electricity for use in schools, where it powers lights, computers, musical instruments and more. Solar panels generate electricity for water pumps irrigating fields, increasing crops.

communication ~ 2014–16

Hotel La Hasienda (Indonesia)

HLH is a unique and comfortable family operated hotel with Mexican inspired architecture in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (West Timor).

communication ~ 2014–16

  • web site designed, published and maintained (including photography)

Frank’s Smokehouse (Indonesia)

Werner Jayson is the Pit Master (meat smoker) at Frank’s Bar & Smokehouse, a popular resto in Jakarta. He talks about how he developed a passion for smoking meat, the smoker he uses, and the process of smoking beef brisket, pork and other meats.

communication ~ 2015–16


Bouvet Foundation (Yayasan Bouvet) (inc Bouvet Media)

Social action advisory and communication (NGO registered in Indonesia).
Special Adviser & Creative: 2006–(on-going)

  • management advisory and training including programme & project management, team leadership, monitoring & evaluation, capacity building, education/training, proposal writing, grant management, compliance monitoring, report writing, donor reporting
  • production (incl documentary photo/video) of information materials for print and electronic distribution (registered publisher in Norway)
  • development and maintenance of web-sites

Bouvet Assistance

Advisory and photography (sole proprietorship, part time until end of 2003).
Adviser & Photographer: 1986–2005

  • assisting Ministry of Health in East Timor strengthening newly established TB Central Management Unit (incl planning and review) and transferring management of National TB Control Programme from NGO to this unit
  • assisting East Timorese NGO strengthening project management of National TB Control Programme (on behalf of Ministry of Health), as well as with external information
  • stock and assignment photography
  • assisted the editors with lay-out, pre-print, and production coordination of two magazines
  • programmed spreadsheet based investment analysis tool for shipping company
  • assisted small businesses with advisory and accounting
  • assisted a contemporary ballet company, strengthening and managing their administration

Caritas Norway

Humanitarian aid agency (Catholic Social Action) based in Norway, supporting emergency and development aid worldwide through local partners.
Adviser to East Timor Programme (part time, based in Dili, East Timor): 2003
Country Representative to East Timor (based in Dili, East Timor): 1999–2002
Programme Coordinator, Desk Officer for Asia: 1996–1998
Information Officer: 1995

  • assisted local partner in starting and operating national tuberculosis control programme
  • assisted local partner in starting and operating major scholarship programme
  • contributed to organisational strengthening for local partners through planning and implementation of capacity building, management advisory, and coaching/mentoring
  • improving coordination by participation in various national and regional bodies, as well as through contact with donors and government structures
  • contributed to starting and/or managing emergency aid or development projects in third world countries, as well as organisational strengthening of local partner organisations; visiting projects in Angola, Bosnia, Croatia, East Timor, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Rwanda
  • improved external information through journalistic, photographic, editorial, lay-out, desktop publishing and production coordination work

Oslo Energi

Utility company based in Norway, generating (mainly hydropower based), distributing and selling electricity, as well as related services.
Finance Manager: 1993–1994
Adviser, Corporate Staff Unit Finance (including Team Leader, PC Coordinator): 1987–1993

  • contributed to improved financial result through coordinating cash flow management and corporate issuing of bonds and other borrowings
  • managing a bond portfolio (ca USD 50 million) performing above market average
  • strengthened corporate financial management through programming a comprehensive, spreadsheet based, long range corporate budgeting tool, as well as through financial analysis
  • improved external and internal information through editorial work on annual reports
  • active deputy board member of portfolio management company (1994)
  • increased utilisation of new corporate financial management system through leading team producing information, documentation, training and user support
  • facilitated increased use of personal computers in the department by introducing a PC network for Mac and Windows computers, as well as providing user support and network supervision; also evaluating and purchasing hard- and software, and conducting trainings in use of computers and popular software like Word and Excel


Master of General Business (MGB, Civil Economist / “Siviløkonom”)

Specialising in Information and Data Systems.
Norwegian Business School BI (Handelshøyskolen Bedriftsøkonomisk Institutt) (then named: Norwegian School of Management) is an independent, not-for-profit foundation and the main provider of research based knowledge on business and management disciplines in Norway. The title MGB was granted in cooperation with an American university, but is now superseded by MBA studies.

Norwegian Business School BI: 1987

Additional Information

  • International work experience: extensive travel in the developing world (visiting projects in Angola, Bosnia, Croatia, East Timor, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Rwanda), including driving; lived since 1999 in developing countries (East Timor / Timor-Leste through civil unrest and reconstruction, and Indonesian West Timor)
  • Computer skills: used Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs, including local network management and user training; familiar with a broad range of software, including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, InDesign), Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Final Cut Studio/Pro, Apple Logic Pro, Apple Aperture, FileMaker Pro, MYOB AccountEdge
  • Languages: mother tongue Norwegian; good oral and written English; daily spoken and some written Indonesian; some German; basic Spanish
  • Military service 1980–99 with Norwegian air force and then army reserves (including paramedic experience), retired when moving abroad.
  • Bank auditor assistant with Nordlandsbanken (now part of DNB) 1981–83. Finished Bank Academy training (Level 1) before taking up studies with Norwegian Business School.
  • Work capacity limited due to illness 2013–15; diagnosed with CIDP (disease related to MS, attacking nerves) resulting in reduced mobility primarily in feet, recovery slow

Last updated: 18 February 2018