“Telling Stories, Solving Problems.”

Basil Rolandsen is an adviser with business master degree, extensive experience from economy/management, humanitarian development, and communication. This diversity, together with working and living experience from different parts of the world, gives him a unique perspective. He is looking for new assignments in Indonesia and beyond.

Qualifications include:

  • programme & project management, team leadership, grant management
  • monitoring & evaluation, compliance monitoring
  • communication, information
  • capacity building, education/training
  • proposal writing, report writing, donor reporting
  • design & production of information materials for web or print
  • documentary & commercial photography & videography

Basil was born in Norway, where he got a “Master of General Business” (MGB, Civil Economist / “Siviløkonom”) degree from Norwegian Business School BI, specialising in Information and Data Systems. Norwegian hydropower company Oslo Energi then hired him as an adviser, and later as Finance Manager. He joined the humanitarian development organisation Caritas Norway, who sent him to Dili early 1996. As Country Representative, he managed from 1999 their programme in East Timor (Timor-Leste), starting and mentoring (what soon became) the National TB Control Programme – and more, including reconstruction after the 1999 calamities. Starting his own advisory and media activities, which he moved to Kupang (Indonesian West Timor) establishing the Bouvet Foundation, he increased focus on information, helping telling the stories of other organisations through words and pictures.

Married to Indonesian citizen, three children. Experienced South East Asia expat and worldwide traveller. Mother tongue Norwegian, professional oral and written English, good Indonesian (daily tongue), some German (rusty), and basic Spanish.

Working experience  Documentary and commercial photographer/videographer, commercial adviser and creative consultant for the Bouvet Foundation (and previously through Bouvet Assistance). Adviser to the humanitarian aid organisation Caritas Norway; following positions as Country Representative to Indonesia & East Timor, Programme Coordinator (development and emergency activities in Bosnia, Africa and Southeast Asia), as well as information stuff. Finance Manager for the Norwegian power utility company Oslo Energi, following commercial and information advisory. Administrator for the professional, contemporary ballet company Høvik Ballett. And then some.

Bouvet Foundation (Yayasan Bouvet) is an Indonesian not-for-profit, non-government organisation (NPO, NGO), legal entity and registered charity. They are based in Kupang (West Timor), the centre of the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province of Indonesia.